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Most Common Questions


How Do I Get a VIN Inspection:

For vehicles located in Laramie County:

  • A vehicle identification number inspection done by a Wyoming dealer if the vehicle was in the dealership's inventory or by law enforcement, who has access to the NCIC system, if purchased from an out of state dealer or individual.
    • Cheyenne Police Department – 415 W 18th St (637-6524)
    • Laramie County Sheriff's Department – 1910 Pioneer Avenue (637-6524)
    • Wyoming Highway Patrol – 5300 Bishop Boulevard
    • If the vehicle is not running or is a trailer, call for an on–site inspection
      • Police Department if located in the city limits
      • Sheriff's Department if located outside the city limits
    • Be prepared to show proof of ownership (dealer's invoice or bill of sale) and photo identification

For vehicles located out of state:

  • Contact law enforcement for that location
  • If on a military base, contact a commissioned officer who has access to the NCIC system.
  • Some states have designated inspection departments who have access to the NCIC system.