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Used Vehicle Bought With an Out of State Title:

Some states no longer require that the seller(s) signature is notarized. This includes our neighboring states of Nebraska and Colorado. If the title you are given by the seller has a place for his signature to be notarized, be safe and have them sign in the presence of a notary public. To be issued a Wyoming title in your name, you will need the following:

  • Original certificate of title signed by the seller(s) according to the laws of the state that issued the title
  • Make certain that any liens noted on the title have been released or that you are given a lien release or termination statement from the bank, credit union or private lien holder
  • The odometer disclosure on the title must be properly completed or a separate odometer statement must be presented with the title (not required if the model year of the vehicle is more than 10 years old)
  • A vehicle identification number inspection done by a Wyoming dealer if the vehicle was in the dealership's inventory or by law enforcement if purchased from an out of state dealer or individual
    • Cheyenne Police Department – 2020 Capitol Avenue (637-6624)
    • Laramie County Sheriff's Department – 1910 Pioneer Avenue (633-4700)
    • Wyoming Highway Patrol – 5300 Bishop Boulevard
    • If the vehicle is not running or is a trailer, call for an on–site inspection
      • Police Department if located in the city limits
      • Sheriff's Department if located outside the city limits
    • Be prepared to show proof of ownership (dealer's invoice or bill of sale) and photo identification
  • If the out–of–state title is branded in any way (salvage, rebuilt, flood, etc.), Wyoming law requires that the same brand be printed on the Wyoming Certificate of Title
  • If purchased from a Wyoming dealer, a Wyoming sales and use tax form (not necessary if purchased from an out of state dealer or individual)
  • Be prepared to provide photo identification, if necessary